Once you have saved the finished your PLNAR project, and clicked FINISH, PLNAR will generate a Virtual Project Report in the cloud.  Your Virtual Project Report is an incredible consolidation of all the data captured in your PLNAR Project and can be used for business or DIY purposes.

What is included in a Virtual PLNAR Project:

  • Project Summaries - Total counts and measurements of all rooms and objects in rooms
  • Room Summaries - Counts and measurements in each room
  • PDF Project Report - Summarizes everything from the project in a beautiful and shareable PDF document
  • Photo Viewer - See all the pictures taken
  • Photo Zip - Download and share all pictures taken
  • Hotspot Photos - AR enhanced photos woven into the 3D model for the ultimate in contextual reference
  • Interactive 3D Model - 3D model with all annotations viewable from any device
  • Location - Interactive map showing location of project
  • CAD Files - Export the 3D model into 2D DXF file, 3D GLTF file, 3D GLB file, 3D OBJ file, 3D STL file or 3D PLY file

All of the report deliverables can be found by logging into the portal at http://www.plnar.co

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