1. Open PLNAR application & detect floor by slowly scanning ground area to be measured.
  2. Once floor has been detected, the reticle (target) should appear and point placement can begin.


  1. Using the main white capture button, place points at each corner of the room to create capture the room’s perimeter.  Ignore doors and openings for now.  You can add those later.
  2. Lock in perimeter by connecting last and first point. Hover over first point to snap perimeter in place.


Stand a few feet back from one of the room's walls until you can see from floor to ceiling through your device:

  1.  Point PLNAR’s reticle at one of the wall segments you just created. 
  2. While hovering over segment, tap the (↑) icon that appears to the right of main capture button. This will activate elevation mode.

  3. While in elevation mode, pan device upwards to mark off the ceiling hit. Tap (↑) icon once more to lock in place.


  1. Hover over existing floor segments and tap the large white button to add additional points to mark off doors & openings. 
  2. After placing points, hover over and annotate door / opening using the quick labels that appear above the capture button. Custom values can be written or voiced in.
  3. Use the (↑) icon to mark door / opening height.


  1. Point the reticle at the wall and long-press the capture button to activate rectangle mode.  You will see a rectangle on the capture button.
  2. In rectangle mode, align reticle with top-left corner of window or object and tap capture button.
  3. Pan reticle diagonally across window / object to create outline. Tab again to lock in place.
  4. Long press (hold down) capture button again to deactivate rectangle mode. Rectangle mode can be used on any surface (wall or floor). Floor structures can be elevated using the (↑) icon.
  5. To mark irregular shaped objects, simply use standard mode and mark off points to create custom shapes or outlines.


Damage mark-up can take place in standard or rectangle modes

  1. Set device to desired capture tool – Standard or Rectangle Mode
  2. Outline affected area using capture button.
  3. Hover over newly created damage object & label using pencil label editor
  4. Press Pencil icon to activate custom label text field. You can elect to use voice annotation as well by selecting microphone icon in text field.

Photos can be captured at anytime during room creation using the camera icon. Photos taken during room creation are automatically linked to corresponding room in project report

  1. Simply tap the camera icon when you wish to take a photo of what's displayed in the camera’s frame.
  2. Additional Photos from device gallery can be added when adding Project Details post room creation during project generation.


  1. Tap Save icon in lower-right corner of screen to save your room to your desired project.
  2. Type in your Room Plan Details & select the project you wish to save to from drop-down
  3. Once saved, you can add additional room plans or continue to project report generation


  1. View Projects by selecting Report icon in upper-right section of screen.
  2. Click the project you would like to send for processing. Add any additional photos or details to be included in project report prior to proceeding to next screen
  3. Once ready, click Next & select Create & Save Project Report to generate PLNAR project assets in Portal.


To update a previously submitted project, simply make your desired changes (adding additional rooms, photos, details, etc…) and follow same report generation procedures.

Note: Changing the name / email associated with a project will generate an entirely new project. As long as the project’s name & associated email remain the same, the project can be updated at anytime. Changes will be reflected in the portal immediately.

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