• Move around pointing the phone at the ground until it has detected the floor and calibrated.
  • You will want to place your first point in any corner of the room to start the measurement process. 
  • You need to place a point at every corner of the room to create your perimeter.
  • If you place a point incorrectly, there is an undo button to remove the last point you placed in the bottom left corner of the screen. 
  • If there are obstructions in the way of placing points and you can’t remove them, place the point where you believe most accurately represents the corner you are trying to mark.
  • After completing the perimeter you can mark off doors/openings and label them as so.
  • Then you can elevate the walls to the ceiling by pressing the arrow button.
  • Next elevate the height of the doors and openings using the same process.
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